Meta description for SEO in Russia

Meta description – is the short text or snippet, that helps the seeker to decide which link in Yandex or Google Search Results would be the most relevant to the searched keyword. Why is it so important for the Russian Search Engines?

What is meta description

In general, the meta description is: “A certain html attribute, which provides a brief explanation of the web page content”. It’s a couple of sentences, which describe the content of the website.

Hot to make a “strong” meta description

Search engines like Google or the Russian Yandex will automatically choose a snippet of your website. But in the fact, no one robot or algorithm will better describe your website  in the search results as you yourself. So we recommend to change the automatically given snippet into your own description, that contains selected for the page keywords and motivate the searching user to click on your link in the search results.

1. Length of meta description

For Yandex we recommend to use 150 to 160 characters. Google does not measure characters – it measures the pixels. Тo achieve a certain width, Google will cut off part of the meta description. So limit yourself to 156 characters.

2. Highlighting of keywords

The words that the user enters in the search are highlighted in the meta-description in bold.

The second example looks more related to the searched keyword

3. AIDA – for catchy texts

Write a short sentence that reflects the essence of the content. This is your chance to “sell” the readers your valuable content.

Marketing or SEO professionals try to use their knowledge of the  “AIDA sales modell” in the meta description. The goal of the short text-snippet is to reach: Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. So attract with the highlighted relevant keywords, tell useful information to make a user ready for a click on your link.

4. Alphanumeric characters

Search engines identify only alphanumeric characters. Characters such as plus sign and quotation marks are recognized as the HTML-code and will not appear in the same form as you planned it.

 Using meta desription in HTML

If the site you are using a CMS (for example WordPress), it is possible to change the meta tags with the help of special plug-ins. If you do not use the CMS, you can add the meta desription code to your HTML code this way:

<meta name="Description" content="..."/>

How to check the Meta Description on your page?

In such browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, right click on the page and click View Page Source.


Meta description in HTML tags

Influence on the position in search results (SEO)

Now the most important question: Does the meta description influence the ranking of your website in Yandex or Google in Russia? Yes, but indirectly.

The lower your link in the search results, the less it will be clicked on (an obvious fact). Therefore, if your material is displayed at the bottom or even not on the first page of SERP- you will not be competitive. The availability of detailed, current, catchy meta description most likely lead to a good click amount via organic search traffic.

If your meta description attract the users, you will get many clicks on your link in the search results. So your Click rate (CTR) will increase. This will have a positive impact on your position in SERP (search results).


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