VKontakte- Social Network innovations


The Russian social network VKontakte has been actively developing and regularly coming up with innovations, making it more useful and easy to use. We collected the most interesting and important changes in 2015-2016 which you should know about.

 New formats in the social network

 Promoted posts in the newsfeed

In January 2015 VKontakte (vK.com) introduced a new advertising format for the promotion of social communities in the newsfeed. The format supports more than 20 types of targeted advertising that allows you to cover only the right audience. It also supports behavioural targeting and retargeting.

The “special advertising formats for the Community” ads are competing for the right to be shown only to users with other ads in this format.

 Promotion of community entries in the newsfeed

In April 2015, the biggest Russian social network VKontakte has announced the format of “Promotion of posts“, which allows you to show own community posts in the users newsfeed. These promoted posts will have the same options as regular posts, such as: adding text, an illustration, photo album, a pole, a map and so on.

These posts will have the option to be shown only to a specific audience. Advertisers who use this function, will have access to 20 types of targeted advertising, including behavioural and retargeting, which will make it possible to promote the posts and show them to the existing customers of the company.

Currently those advertising options are only available in the desktop version of VKontakte. But in the future these options may also be available in the mobile version of the platform.

Suggested Communities and Fanpages on Russian VK.com

Advertising in video

In August 2016, russian social network VKontakte has also begun testing ads in videos. The text at the bottom of the video roll is very similar to the advertising on Youtube, which is already familiar to most users. Video Ads on Vkontakte will be opened for advertisiers probably at the end of the year.

Adverts in Videos on vKontakte (vK.com)

New targeting possibilities in social media in Russia

In July, VKontakte announced a small update for the targeting tool, which gives the option to attract an audience from retargeting base or a company’s community and/or group, and to show them ads for products they have just looked at. This retargeting option was realy wanted by advertisers, to separate ads for “new” users from “visitors”.

 Analytics on vK.com

Now there is an option to see up until 300 last published posts in Excel and CSV format. These reports include:

–    Date and time of publication,

–   Author’s name,

–  Message text,

–   Key performance indicators (such as the number of “Likes”, “Shares”, comments, post hidings, transitions, etc.).

Ecommerce in social media (vK.com)

In September VKontakte launched a new functionality, especially fitting to ecommerce communities – “Goods”, which is an interactive shop window with a list of products. The list appears under the header. There is not only the option to present products, but also to sell them via vKontakte.



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