Mobile Advertising and mCommerce in Russia

The number of mobile Internet users in Russia has achieved a breakthrough in the past years. Whereas total Russian Internet audience reached 87 million people in 2016, nearly 66 million Russians use mobile devices to surf the net at least once a month. About a third of them, i.e. 20 million people count to so called mobile-only users – they don’t use PCs for Internet access preferring mobile devices instead, as stated in the recent survey of Mediascope.

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Increase in revenue of mobilе games in Russia

The volume of the Russian market of online games in 2015 was 51.9 billion rubles, which is 2% more than the previous year. According to Mail.Ru Group experts, the main revenue growth was recorded in the segment of mobile games: + 20% p.a. The revenue of  development of mobile online games exceeded 10 billion rubles.

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