Hello, we are ONMARUS , a digital agency from Hamburg offering a full range of marketing services on the Russian Internet for your business!

Not only are we a professional team of online marketing managers, we are native Russian speakers knowing the Russian mindset.


We have been working with the Russian market since 2009 and know all the do’s and don’ts of running online marketing campaigns for the Russian audience.  As Russia is our core specialization, our team possess both Russian and international certificates necessary for top digital marketing professionals active on the Russian Internet.

Being strong marketing professionals, we alsways keep up to date with the latest digital trends in Russia, so we created this blog to share our knowledge with you.  Stay tuned!

Besides writing the blog, we also offer a full range of professional online marketing services: Search Engine Marketing, Display Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Mobile Web and In-App Advertising.

SEO Russia

Search Engine Marketing

  • We’ve been one of Germany’s oldest partners of Yandex since 2009
  • We are an official Google and Bing partner
  • We offer complete setup and supervision of advertising campaigns on Yandex, Google and Bing Russia as well as strategic campaign management with focus on performance goals
  • All SEM campaigns are focused on the Russian online market. Some campaigns run on neighbor target markets such as Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus
  • We analyze and optimize your current SEM campaigns in accordance with your end goals in order to achieve better performance and profitability
  • We can help you reach significant reduction of CPC of new SEM campaigns within a few days
  • We guarantee transparent and trustworthy documentation and reporting
  • All campaigns supervised by ONMARUS are exempt from Russian VAT of 18%, which results in a 18% lower CPC.

Display Advertising

  • We offer display advertising for image purposes as well as performance display advertising (PDA)
  • We offer a full range of advertising formats, from standard  to the new ones such as pre-roll and video ads, carousel and product banners etc.
  • We elaborate a media plan based on your advertising budget and KPIs
  • We select appropriate self-managed advertising platforms, which guarantees precise advertising for a chosen target audience
  • Best results are achieved through conversion tracking, creation of eye-catching banners as well as through ongoing control and optimization of advertising activities
  • To increase the efficiency of display advertising campaigns we can choose one or more of the following instruments:

– Geographical targeting: advertisements can appear in desired regions; precise targeting for a certain urban district is possible in many cases

– Group segmentation:  a users group can be splitted up according to interests, gender, age, income, educational level etc.

– Look-a-like targeting: customers with similar behavior are identified on a network after the analysis of the current customer structure

– Remarketing/ Retargeting: ‘reminder’ ads are shown to former visitors of a website who left it without buying anything

– Mobile web ads and in-app ads



  • We provide social media strategic planning and consultancy as well as conception and implementation of social media campaigns on Russian social networks vK.com and Odnoklassniki.ru as well as on Facebook and Instagram
  • We design your CI on social media platforms, develop and supervise your community and offer customer support if necessary
  • We conduct social media monitoring and reputation management
  • We offer a full spectrum of social media Advertising possibilities
  • We guarantee profound analysis and quick optimization of advertising campaigns by means of pronounced tracking technologies and bid management tools.

Mobile Advertising

  • We’ve been offering mobile web advertising and in-app marketing in Russia since 2009
  • We offer you CPI models for in-app advertising and optimize according to your KPIs and goals
  • We display mobile web ads on Yandex, Google, Bing as well as on social networks (vKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Facebook, Instagram)
  • We  publish in-app ads in cooperation with external developer and publisher networks; this helps us use numerous technical possibilities such as:

– Precise geographical targeting up to 50 m

– Socio-demographic targeting (age, gender, interests)

– iOS/Android/Windows systems modulations

– Device targeting based on WiFi connectivity for “weighty” apps if necessary



Our clients are European companies of different sizes. The majority of them are of a middle-sized sector. You can find an excerpt from our reference list right below:

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If you wish to advertise in Russia but don’t know how, just fill out the contact form below! Our professional ONMARUS team will be glad to help you establish strong presence on the Russian Internet generating and/or increasing your revenue!