eTravel Industry in Russia

After Perestroika in 1990, Russians have become a truly travelling nation. In 2016, some 31.7m Russians out of its 146m total population travelled abroad for tourism purposes. Big number, isn’t it? The most exciting news is that the Russian outbound tourism keeps growing by two-digits in 2017!

As compared to the previous year, the number of outbound travels from Russia has grown by 24 per cent in the first quarter of 2017: from 5.4 mto 6.7m trips, Russian Federal Agency for Tourism says.

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How to promote medical centers in Russia

Many European and American medical centres and private clinics are popular in Russia. Also the amount of the monthly searched keywords, regarding medical services or medical centres, is huge. So, an active online advertising of medical services would definitely attract more Russian patients.

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Mistakes in advertising campaigns on Yandex

This article will help you to avoid the 5 major mistakes in advertising on Yandex in Russia. You can reduce the ad spendings and increase the number of “targeted clicks” on your ad.

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Meta description for SEO in Russia

Meta description – is the short text or snippet, that helps the seeker to decide which link in Yandex or Google Search Results would be the most relevant to the searched keyword. Why is it so important for the Russian Search Engines?

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