Meta description for SEO in Russia

Meta description – is the short text or snippet, that helps the seeker to decide which link in Yandex or Google Search Results would be the most relevant to the searched keyword. Why is it so important for the Russian Search Engines?

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SEO basics for better position in Yandex

Yandex is one of the most popular search engines used by the Russian audience and it’s every site owner’s dream to push his webpage into the top of it. Especially if the webpage is targeted for Russian speaking audience. But how does one push his webpage into the Yandex top search results?

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Increase in revenue of mobilе games in Russia

The volume of the Russian market of online games in 2015 was 51.9 billion rubles, which is 2% more than the previous year. According to Mail.Ru Group experts, the main revenue growth was recorded in the segment of mobile games: + 20% p.a. The revenue of  development of mobile online games exceeded 10 billion rubles.

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How to sell in the russian

There is the possibility to sell products directly from the fanpage/group in the biggest Russian social network (VKontakte). This feature is possible through the Shop-Script from the russian developer Webasyst.

Shop-Script is a digital platform which is designed to create retail online stores. The platform is flexible and can be applied for different shops and services.

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Something about the audience in vKontakte

The most popular social network among the Russians is vKontakte ( with almost 80% of the internet users in Russia, having an account there. The popularity of the social platform can be explained by the wide diversity of content, the user friendly interface, that is comfortable and easy to handle for teenagers but also for a more mature audience. There is a wide range of online games and other interactive applications and a comfortable mobile version. Through the option to create communities and fan pages, and filtering the target audience this platform is very effective for brand promotion and PR.

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Community vs Fanpage – pros and cons

Before starting to advertise any kind of business in the Russian social media networks, one must first decide what is the best way to do so and which tools are better to use.

At the moment there are two major social networks in Russia which offer a good platform for social media presence– vKontakte and Odnoklassniki.

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