Mobile App advertising on Yandex

Mobile app advertising in Russia has got a new dimension. With Yandex Direct the mobile advertisers have a possibility to rich a huge target group ad to optimize campaigns on their own.

Mobile app in Yandex network

Yandex Direct is the advertising tool of the biggest Russian search engine called Yandex. From 2016 there is a new advertising opportunity – to set-up the advertising campaigns for mobile apps.

They ads will be shown on the SERP (search results) of mobile version of the search engine and in its big publishers network.


Targeting in Yandex for mobile ads

Advertisers or app developers can find on Yandex the most relevant target groups for their mobile app adverts. Yandex offers following options to choose:

  • Geotareting
  • Device platform (iOS or Android)
  • Mobile connection or Wi-Fi
  • Device (tablet, smartphone)

Example: An app for reading documents or books would be more relevant for tablets. So the advertiser can choose the targeting on  “tablet” devices if they have small budgets and have to optimize on the narrow target group.

Another interesting option for mobile applications is the bid adjustment tool. There you can set your target audience by:

  • Age
  • Gender

Tip: Through increasing or decreasing of the % value of impressions for certain target groups you can select the target group, that would be the most relevant for your product. Example: If you promote a banking app, disable impressions for “< under 18”, just set the bid coefficient to “decrease by 100%”.

How to set up the campaign

Creating the mobile campaign in Yandex. Direct is not difficult.

1. Create a “new campaign” and choose then “ads for mobile apps”.

2. Then add the tracking link to your app in the apple store or Google Play Store for android versions and your heading with ad-text.

3. Icons, prices, ratings, and technical specifications will be added automatically. Choose the age restrictions.

If you want to advertise in the Yandex network with unusual formats, you can add a bigger picture in a wide-format 16:9. In this case the cost per click (CPC) on an ad must be higher than 3 rubles. But that is not much anyway.

4.Choose the strategy. Use impression strategies to manage your ad budget in accordance with your objectives. For mobile app ads Yandex has created especial bid management strategies: “Average Cost to Install App (CPI)” and “Weekly Budget: Maximum Number of App Installations”.  Please note, he average CPI strategy will work for you aftercollecting the first installs.


It is necessary to collect analytical data on the operation of your advertising campaign and we will be happy to help you with the campaign set up as well as with the analytics. Just contact us.


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