Dynamic ads on Russian Yandex

Yandex permanently improves the advertising possibilities in it’s advertising tool Yandex.Direct. Today we will speak about dynamic feeds for easier product marketing in Yandex.

Dynamic advertising on Yandex

E-Commerce shops were waiting for this new feature for a long time. Automated advertising for products is finally possible in Yandex. Direct.

Definition of the dynamic advertising

Dynamic advertising is a possibility to build a large number of similar ads with help of YML feeds. The goal of this feature is to simplify the process of handling advertising campaigns. Especially if you would advertise many products from your online-shop, you will love dynamic ads.

Dynamic ads will be shown in the search or publisher network of Yandex. The content of the website will be analysed and the most related product will be shown in the automatically created ad.  The system generates ads only for pages with a specific product.

YML Feeds

What are the YML feeds? If you own an online-shop, you probably will have a data base with product data, including picture. This data can be converted in an YML file.


Who will need dynamic ads?

There is no need to use this Yandex feature, if you have only a few products or want to advertise only few of them.  But if your online store frequently changes its product range and you have no capacity to create new ads and suspend irrelevant ones, then the dynamical advertising is the right thing for you. The ads will be created automatically, for every item on your site.

Collaboration with the usual non dynamic SEM Ads

There is no problem to use both campaign types- textual classical ads with small pics and the dynamic ads. If you have similar or the same keywords for both of the campaigns, then the system will show that kind of ads, which better performs (CTR).

Product Types

Please take notice that in 2016 the feeds do work only for the following types of products:

  • Electronics
  • Appliances
  • Industrial equipment
  • Fashion / Clothing
  • Furniture
  • Gardening supplies
  • Sporting goods
  • Children related goods
  • Cosmetic products

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