New format of advertisements in VKontakte

The Russian social media network VKontakte ( is planning to increase the size of targeted advertising blocks, which will affect the two available formats of advertising. How? Find out here:

Formats of advertisements

The changes in Russian social network VKontakte will affect the two formats of advertisements: “Image and Text” and “Big picture” ads. The size of images in “Image and Text” format will be increased to 145 × 85 pixels instead of 90 × 65 pixels and in the format “Big picture” – up to 145 × 165 pixels instead of 90 × 120 pixels. Other formats (exclusive format, promotion of communities and square picture) will remain unchanged. The number of characters in the title and text of the declaration will also remain unchanged.

Reason for changes

These changes will allow advertisers to significantly improve the image quality of the advertising message and focus on creativity. Perhaps in the future VKontakte will allow the option of adaptive ads, and then the proportions will change accordingly to the display location.

It is important to mention that VKontakte will not only increase the size of the image, but will update the ad format in general. In the past, the users on were so used to the 90×65 and 90×120 ads, that they stopped noticing the banners. Here are some examples of current formats:

From now on the users will pay more attention to the banners and accordingly the Clickrate (CTR) of the promoting messages or ads will increase. It is also important to mention that the success of the advertising campaign depends not only on the image (though it does play a big role) but also on the advertisement-text above and, of course, on the product or service that the banner offers.

 About vKontakte (

VKontakte is the most popular social network in Russia (monthly audience of more than 50 million users, according to TNS) and it is constantly developing advertising inventory and comes up with attractive promotion channels for advertisers. It is expected that in the near future VKontakte will continue to work on “promoted posts” format, which was launched last summer. So far, the ad format in had proved to be successful: it has the highest CTR and efficiency. However, the share of traffic with this format was only about 3% of the total number of transitions from advertising VKontakte. It is caused primarily by the fact that at the moment each advertising record should be published in the community, and therefore cannot use multiple creatives for different audiences. Hopefully VKontakte will soon solve this problem, and the format of the “promoted posts” will become even more popular among advertisers.

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