Something about the audience in vKontakte

The most popular social network among the Russians is vKontakte ( with almost 80% of the internet users in Russia, having an account there. The popularity of the social platform can be explained by the wide diversity of content, the user friendly interface, that is comfortable and easy to handle for teenagers but also for a more mature audience. There is a wide range of online games and other interactive applications and a comfortable mobile version. Through the option to create communities and fan pages, and filtering the target audience this platform is very effective for brand promotion and PR.

The social media users are unlikely to be passive, and the most popular activity is content sharing. In every age category more than 50% of the users in the research noted that they create their own original content, comment and write reviews when reacting to other people’s content.

This comes to prove that the main accent when promoting brands in social media has to be on the content instead of advertising and direct marketing.


The level of engagement in social networks decreases with the age of the users. More than half of the respondents who are older than 45 years spend in the social networks up until one hour. They are more resistant to the temptation to spend their day exchanging messages, pressing the “like” button and changing status.

Among Russians aged 35-45 years old the involvement in vKontakte is significantly higher. Many of them use this platform for work and the search for new customers and colleagues. To find the target person is easy, by choosing among such criteria as age, gender, geo, school or university, relationship status, some character traits, company and position.

Younger people age 25-34 years old tend to spend up until 4 hours in vKontakte and the youngest users can spend online up till 6 hours per day. The perfect tools to promote content in this age group would be short videos and games.

Vkonakte is the undisputed leader among the social networks in Russia, both in quantity and quality of users, especially the young ones. About 40% of the audience are considered to be “authors” -meaning, they create at least once a month unique content, write original texts, comment on people’s posts, leave reviews and so on.

In order to do a successful promotion in the Russian social media one requires a clear understanding of the target audience, their habitats and favorite content.

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