Advertising in „myTarget“

myTarget is a Russian advertising platform that allows you to place targeted ads in social networks of the Mail.Ru group.

The service offers quite a few options which are important to acknowledge when one wants to break into the Russian market through advertising.

What does myTarget offer

Social Media Advertising is the aim of myTarget. You can reach the right audience through  different kinds of targeting:

  • Geo (region, city, metrostation etc.)
  • Socio-demographical (age, gender, education, family status, income etc.)
  • Behavioural (Interests and hobbies, groups etc.)



The options which are available at the moment include:

  • Placing ads in social media platforms
  • Placing ads on and other content projects
  • Placing ads on third-party resources with the ability to target the relevant audience
  • Deep knowledge of the target audience
  • The most popular formats of mobile advertising
  • High efficiency of banners and ads
  • Reach up to 90% of the Russian internet users

 The advertising system offers different kinds of promotions:

  1. Website – advertising for any external internet resource
  2. Gaming – advertising for the gaming industry on social media platforms
  3. Social groups – advertising for groups and communities on social media platforms
  4. Mobile apps – advertising for mobile apps (Apple App Store, Google Play, Windows Store, Samsung Apps, Nokia Store)
  5. Shop – advertising for online stores based on dynamic remarketing technology. Dynamic Remarketing allows you to show advertising of certain goods or services to users who have previously viewed those goods or services on the site.

Visual formats:

When creating the ads there are several design formats to choose from. Such as:

  • Teaser 90×75 – includes a headline, some text and an image
  • Banner 240×400 – contains an image or Flash
  • Wide format block 1080×607 with a headline, text and an image which will be shown in the news feed of Odnoklassniki or Moi Mir
  • Mobile wide format block 1080×607 includes a headline, text and an image and will be shown in the mobile version of the news feed
  • Mobile teaser 180×150 contains out of a headline, text and an image
  • Mobile banner 640×100, a static image

90×75 teaser-format and 1080×607 banner (compressed)




What about the campaign costs?

The costs of advertising are determined by an auction. The advertiser decides on the rate and the service calculates the opportunity to show the ad according to the conversion rate and the current competitive situation in this specific segment. The higher the rate (relative to competitors) the more likely the ad will be shown.

At the moment there are two forms of payment:

  1. Pay per click (CPC) – in which case the advertiser will pay every time the users click on the ad.
  2. Pay per view (CPM) – in this case the advertiser will pay every time the users see the ad. The rate is specified per 1000 views.


The benefits of myTarget:

  1. Advertising of websites, games, shops and online communities in social media platforms
  2. The ability to choose the ads placement; Odnoklassniki, Moi Mir and
  3. The option to receive detailed and accurate statistic reports regarding traffic
  4. The creation of targeted audience groups according to different parameters
  5. Geotargeting in Russia’s regions and cities
  6. The ability to determine the time and date of the ad’s display

P.S. Despite the many benefits of the service, myTarget is unsuitable for some types of businesses. Such as:

  1. Building
  2. Industry
  3. Some B2B segments
  4. MLM companies and pyramid schemes
  5. Alcohol and tobacco
  6. Sex shops

For more information regarding targeted advertising in Russia feel free to contact us through our webpage.

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