Russian social media overview

In the Russian social media market there are two major players who get the biggest share of Russian speaking users: vKontakte and Odnoklassniki. Here is a short overview of these two social channels.



vKontakte ( is the most popular social media platform among Russians and is often being perceived as “The Russian version of Facebook”. This comparison that is not completely true and there are some major differences in the content, user behavior and services which these two social platforms offer.  vK holds the respectable 4th place among the most visited sites in Russia, so it is safe to say that if a brand wants to get into the Russian market – vK is the best way to do it.

True to the year 2016, there are over 53.6 registered users in vKontakte, 65% of them are Russians and 59% of them are older than 25.



Initially started as a social network for former classmates, Odnoklassniki ( is the second largest Social media platform and has now over 124 million users and 51 million unique daily visitors. 30.8% of them are men and 69.2% are women, average age 25-34. This social platform considered to be the “oldest” among the others, but it keeps developing and offering new services for private users and companies.

In the following blog articles you will find more precise information about these social media platforms:
Advertising in vKontakte and Odnoklassniki

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