Online Marketing in our life

The question of whether or not to use internet marketing has long ago transformed into “which internet marketing tools should I use?”

Nowadays it is almost impossible to imagine a marketing campaign which does not evolve search engine ads, display and mobile banner ads or social media. Internet marketing became a huge and inevitable part of our advertising consumption, and more than that, our life. Which, considering the targeting options which are available for advertisers at the moment, is nothing more than obvious.

Which other medium can allow you to target your ads to a specific segment divided by their age, hobbies, social status or the kind of bread they eat for breakfast. The options of internet marketing are almost limitless, which of course attracts many firms to use this incredible tool.

Millions of people spend their time online, whether it’s teenagers, students, parents, doctors. They visit the world wide web at work and from home, while being on a bus or sitting in a café. They are constantly connected and open to new information and of course – new advertising.

We will try to give you usefull tips and further information about online marketing. But we will make an especial focus on the marketing in one country- we came from- RUSSIA.

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